Followband Legacy, Remembering Conor Bouveron

Followband was created to help people tell their amazing stories through the places they have been and the places they will go. Every month followband designs a legacy band to help honor the mission and memory of special individuals. 

For our first legacy band, we are proud to honor the life of someone who was very close to our Followband family. Conor Bouveron was taken from us at a young age but that doesn't mean he cannot continue seeing the world. With this legacy band we want to take the memory of Conor with us on all our adventures. To all the places we go and all the places he couldn't, we hope in spirit Conor will enjoy everywhere we take his memory. He is a huge reason why some of those who founded this company have chosen to follow their dreams and inspire adventure. That is why it is our honor to pay tribute to our friend's life with our first legacy band. 

Each CB (Conor Bouveron) band has the coordinates N 39 34' 57.9551'' W 105 40' 7.0144'' to represent Mt. Bierstadt in Colorado; a peak that Conor hiked with outdoor adventure group at Colorado State University. Conor's legacy will never be forgotten if we follow in the footsteps of his memory. 


Arthur Pickett