Our Story

      When we started Followband, we started with the word why. We couldn't have a real company until we had a meaningful purpose. Every discussion lead us to the same place, we want to help people tell their amazing stories through the places they've been. Every band represents a place that someone has been or a place they've always dreamed of going. No matter what the coordinates are on each followband they all have one thing in common; a piece of the person wearing the band is embedded there. 

      So whether its the house you grew up in, the place you met the person you love, or top of a mountain that culminated an adventure use your band to tell that story. This world is a vast and beautiful place, yet we spend so much of it in a bubble. We hope Followband will serve as a reminder to be bold, follow your dreams, see the world and inspire others to follow in your footsteps. 

Please help us tell the stories that matter most. 


The Followband team

Followband Poster